Weber Q220 grill review

weber q220 gas grill


We’ve fully researched the Weber Q220 grill in this review and below you’ll find out about some of its finer points so you can come to a wise buying decision. We have also examined the Weber Q220 best on sale prices.  The Weber Q220 portable gas grill makes it effortless to enjoy wonderful grilled food from any location. Whether you want to grill in the back yard or take it on a road trip, the Q220 Weber gas grill is a handy and versatile all-rounder that gets the job done.


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What makes the Weber Q220 grill a great grill?

The Weber Q 220 gas grill has been designed and manufactured so it’s light enough to take with you away from home and durable enough to endure the trip.  This grill may appear small, but it can really get the job done better than many other grills in its class. It’s perfect if you only need a small to mid-sized grill that’ll cook for one to four people. Although small in comparison to the larger Weber gas grills, such as the Weber Genesis models the Weber Q220 grill is still a magnificent grill. The Q 220 is portable, and equally suitable for for small cook-ups in your back yard. Does this sound like the Weber Q 220 gas grill is the one for you?



weber q220 gas grill grate


The Weber Q220 grill has 280 square inches of cooking space which is a surprising amount of room, and can easily grill for several people at a time. Yet, at just 32.5 x 18 x 17.5 inches in volume and less than 45 lbs in weight you can easily take this grill with you wherever you go.


Portable really does mean portable!


It’s no wonder everyone who buys a Weber Q 220 gas grill loves it.


Here’s what recent Weber Q220 grill buyers thought of it:


Best in class

Powerful little grill – Best Grill Ever!

Great compact grill

Great Little Grill

It’s the greatest!!

Love my Q220!!


weber q220 gas grill ignitionThe Weber Q 220 gas grill comes with a handy push button ignition feature for easy lighting. No more matches required as this little grill not only lights-up quickly; it also heats up to cooking temperature quickly.




weber q220 gas grill cylinder

The Weber Q220 grill will cook all your food like a pro using only a 14 or 16 oz propane bottle to power its powerful stainless steel burners and gives you 12000 BTUs an hour. You need to keep a small eye on your gas usage so you don’t run out   -but you can easily purchase replacement propane bottles from most local hardware or camping stores. Make sure the gas is tightly in the off position though or you’ll get some leakage so next time you want to use it you wont have anything left to grill with!


It’s also possible to use larger 20lb gas bottles if you’re not really using the Weber Q 220 gas grill as a portable bbq and want to keep it permanently in your yard. You’ll need to get a Weber 6501 Adapter hose for the larger gas cylinder so you can connect it up to your grill.


One customer has commented:


“We’ve always found the Weber Q220 to be extremely efficient when it comes to its gas usage, and we can normally go for a while on one bottle even though we use it a lot.”



The Weber Q220 grill has an extremely durable cast aluminium body so it can withstand the high grilling heat and outdoor elements. Even after years of use this little Weber Grill will still operate just as well as the day you bought it.


Handy Grease Catch Tray prevents flare-ups & burnt food


weber q220 gas grill catchpanOne of the big problems cooking with grills is grease flare-up. This certainly isn’t a problem for the Weber Q 220 gas grill thanks to the well thought out and extremely handy removable and disposable grease catch tray.This catch tray sits directly under the grill area and uses gravity to direct the fallen grease away from the flame and heat so your food doesn’t get all charred and burnt and keeps smoke down to a minimum.


weber q220 gas grill thermometerThe Weber Q220 grill also has a handy a built in thermometer which is located on the grill hood so you don’t have to guess when the grill is ready for cooking or if you need to increase or decrease your cooking temperature.This will aid you so you can keep an even heat when grilling which will help to prevent over or under-cooking your food.



weber q220 gas grill table


If that wasn’t enough, the Weber Q 220 gas grill also comes with two handy side tables that conveniently fold up into the grill when not in use, saving you a ton of space. The guys at Weber have really thought about the design of these two side tables as when they are folded they allow you to store your grilling utensils in them so they don’t get lost.





weber q220 gas grill 6507 rolling cart standThe Weber Q220 grill can attach to a Weber 6507 rolling  cart which is sold separately. The cart can give you maximum mobility if using the Weber Q 220 gas grill as a portable bbq but it can just as easily be connected to a large propane tank and used just like a full sized gas grill making it perfect for small gatherings, parties and get-togethers. If you do choose the wheeled cart, then it makes sense to protect your investment in the stand and grill with a specially tailored cover – the  Weber 6522 grill cover.


If you are not looking for the mobility of the rolling cart, then you can house your Weber Q220 in its preffered grilling spot with the Weber stationary cart for Q grills, which has the added feature of a screen to hide the 20 lb cylinder gas bottle.




If you don’t invest in any stand for your Q220 Weber, you can still protect your investment with the snug fitting Weber 6551 cover to keep it looking nice.


weber q220 gas grill 6551 cover

Weber Q220 gas grill review – Our Verdict.

With so many amazing features and benefits it’s no wonder everyone who buys a Weber Q 220 gas grill seems to love it.


weber q220 gas grill buy

The Weber Q220 grill is well thought out and put together. It’s robust and does a really good job of grilling food and if you look after it you’ll get many years of usage out of it. It’s certainly one of the better grills available that gives you a portable option while still being able to use it at home.

If you are going to be using the Weber Q220 grill mainly for home use then we’d definitely recommend purchasing the wheeled cart as it’ll house your grill safely and give you a sturdy platform with which to cook.


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