does not allow advertising (companies don’t pay to appear on this site), and no charge is made to users. Content on this site is based on independent research by members of  Reviews are written from a ‘what are the good and not so good features of the grills being examined?’.  Once the review is complete, a search takes place to find ‘affiliate links’ to the grills if they are available. While these look and work the same way as normal links, if someone clicks through, the link is tracked and it may generate a payment to the (the details vary; sometimes  its per click, sometimes per accepted application, sometimes if a purchase of a product is made, or any combination).  If no paying link is available,the article remains unchanged. If the grill/product being reviewed is the best and doesn’t pay, it remains a positive review. The link used is simply a ‘non-affiliated’ i.e. non-paying, link.

Product commission rates change frequently, as do the products which have available affiliate links. This means at different times, different review pages generate more or less for Affiliate links come from affiliate commission sites or retail sites. Their links are used and if someone clicks through to the vendor site, gets a split of their revenue. Unlike many sites that use affiliate links, we’re very deliberate about including a * after every affiliate link that does not generate income for this site. This is so that you know which links contribute to the site and which don’t, so you can make your own decision. We hope you will choose the ones that help pay for the resource these web pages offer.

The revenue concept behind this site is based on the needs to fund costs of running the site.  Here are some examples of where the money goes.

  • Review writers – That’s us! Writing, formatting and publishing these reviews does take a considerable amount of time. The financial strength of is also important in enabling the site to thrive and continue to help people without charging them. So we hope the site continues to generate finances like any business!
  • Servers and keeping the site running –Processing power and technology is needed to keep the site online.

Explanation of the links on this site:

LINKS THAT HELP THIS SITE (all of them unless they have a *  within the link)
LINKS THAT DON’T HELP THIS SITE  (Any link with a * within the Link)