Weber Q 320 Gas Grill Review


weber q320 gas grillIf you’re looking to find out more about the Weber Q 320 gas grill then you’re in the right place.  We’ve done a full and comprehensive Weber Q320 review and below you’ll find out why this particular model is proving to be so popular. We have also reviewed the availability of current and previous editions of the Q320 models, so you can discover the Weber Q320 gas grill best on sale prices.


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Here’s why you should consider the Weber Q320 gas grill


The Weber Grill Q 320 model is the flagship of the Q series of grills.  This model is an enhanced version of the extremely popular (but older) Weber Q300 grill. The Weber Q series grills are the smaller but versatile “stand up” propane gas grill options from Weber.


“Much more grilling space over its predecessor”


weber q320 gas grill grates and warming rack


While the Q series of the Weber Grills may not look as big as some of its larger cousins (such as the Weber Summit S-670 gas grill), the Weber Q 320 lp gas grill still has a large cooking area of 462 sq inches. That’s 18 burgers, or 2 whole chickens on the grill in one go, and so this makes the Q320 grill perfect for catering for four to six people.  This grilling area is larger than the 393sq inches on the Q300.



The most prominent addition though is an additional 69 sq inches for an elevated warming rack. We believe this feature alone is worth the small premium you’ll pay above the Q300, and we’re sure you’ll love having the extra convenience to keep your cooked food warm.  The Weber Q320 grill has the same porcelain covered cast iron griddle plates that Weber grills are renowned and famous for. These griddle plates heat up incredibly quickly to sear and cook your food effortlessly.


weber q320 gas grill burners

For the new Weber 586002 Q 320 outdoor gas grill to become the flagship of the Q range, it was going to take more significant enhancements over its Q300 predecessor. Indeed, given the high desirability and popularity of the Q300 it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that our Weber Q320 review reveals that the Weber Grill Q 320 model shares many of the same key features of the Q300.  For instance it has a really powerful 21,700 BTU burner that gets hot fast and is easily controlled so you can cook all manner of foods to perfection.



The burners get their fuel from a 20lb liquid propane gas cylinder, which is hidden from your guests view with an attractive screen.

weber q320 gas grill hidden gas cylinder


Recent Weber Q 320 buyer comments:

“Sears steaks and veggies like no one’s business and also does great roasting…”

“What’s not to like about a Weber grill!”

“Best grill I’ve ever owned.”

“Very happy with this grill.”


The Weber 320 Q grill has the standard, but amazingly efficient Weber ‘works every time’ pushbutton starter so you can get grilling in just minutes.


“These griddle plates heat up incredibly quickly to sear and cook your food effortlessly.”


weber q320 gas grill thermometer


There’s a handy thermometer supplied with the Weber Q 320 gas grill that sits in the centre of the grill lid. This means you can keep an eye on the temperature and easily adjust it to cook different types of foods.  The grill base includes a removable catch pan, which is a great way to deal with any oil running off the food while cooking.



weber q320 gas grill fold out table

The Weber Q320 grill unit sits permanently attached to a wheeled cart that is a great height for grilling and comes with two folding worktables at either end. These work tables are extremely handy for holding trays of food waiting to be grilled, or indeed is somewhere to rest your drink while you cook! These tables fold down nicely to make reduce the storage space required.  There are also neat hooks for your tools so you can conveniently and hygienically dangle your grilling implements while they’re not in use.


Want to cook through dusk and into the night? No problem with the Weber Q 320 !


weber q320 gas grill handle light

Another enhancement over the Q300 is the introduction of the renowned Weber grill handle lights. This light will save the need for a flashlight and will free up your hands to concentrate on cooking into the sun sets…..


As with all Weber gills the Weber Q 320 grill has a very solid construction and is manufactured to an extremely high standard using only the very best of materials and components. This particular model has a small amount of home construction that you’ll need to take into account. For instance, you’ll need to assemble the cart and add such things as the folding work tables but this should only take you around an hour to 2 hours from start to finish. Each grill is accompanied by fabrication instructions.


Weber describe their Q series of grills, including the Weber Q320, as a stand-alone grill. If you were to base the weight of the Weber 586002 Q 320 outdoor gas grill  as portable Q320 on visual appearance alone you might misconstrue that you could throw the grill into the trunk of your car as a portable grill. However, it is a relatively heavy grill and its unlikely that you will take the grill away from home. Therefore, it’s likely you’ll want to keep your grill in its preferred grilling position meaning a specifically tailored Weber Q320 grill cover is recommended to keep your investment looking clean and ready to use at all times.


Like all Weber grills, the Weber Q 320 gas grill comes with 5 year limited warranty and 24/7 customer support.


Weber Q 320 Gas Grill Review – Our verdict.

The Weber Q320 gas grill is slightly more expensive than the older Q300 model and I’m sure you’ll be asking what the Q320 Weber grill offers for the additional extra layout in dollars?


Our research shows that the Weber Q 320 bbq is great little grill, is well made, and a fantastic performer. True to the Weber style and reputation, food is easily seared and will always be succulently grilled towards perfection. The extra warming grate and the handle light will make the extra dollars of the Weber Q 320 a worthwhile investment.   The Weber Q320 gas grill is a really popular grill and if looked after can last you many years of happy grilling, and therefore comes highly recommended.


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