Weber Genesis S-310 Gas Grill Review



weber genesis s-310 gas grill

Our Weber Genesis S-310 grill review will examine all of the features of this Stainless Steel grill, which is available for both propane or natural gas. The Genesis S310 gas grill is compared against similar models to help you ensure you choose a grill that has everything YOU need. We will also list both current and earlier model editions so you can find the best price and buy the grill on sale.



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The Genesis S-310 is a Fan favorite….

The Weber Genesis S-310 gas grill is part of the very popular Weber Genesis range.  The 310 models are available as the S310 grill which is Stainless Steel, and the E-310 grill which is identical to the Stainless Steel models, but are colored. The Stainless Steel finish of this Weber Genesis S310 grill costs approximately an additional $150 compared to the colored finishes of the Weber Genesis E-310 gas grill.   The 310 models have the least features in the Weber Genesis range, but this does not mean its low on features. In fact, this Weber Genesis S-310 gas grill probably has all of the features you are likely to need to grill for your family and friends.


Like its sister (the Genesis E-310), the Weber Genesis S-310 gas grill is a grill that has created a lot of buzz from its proud owners. Weber, which designs and manufactures its grills in the USA, sells and distributes its bbqs all over the world. Fans worldwide leave positive comments on Internet forums and chat rooms about the Weber Genesis S 310 Stainless Steel gas grill. The reasons why are obvious –  it looks amazing, and can be purchased in either a natural gas or propane gas option.  The natural gas models tend to cost approximately $20 more than the lp liquid propane models.


The quality Weber Genesis S-310 grill !

Durable parts, high quality finishes, and thoughtful design are incorporated within the Weber Genesis S-310 gas grill. If you prefer the look of a Black, Green, or Copper colored grill, then check out its slightly cheaper sister the Weber Genesis E-310 gas grill. It’s a hard choice when all of the 310 Weber Genesis models look so great, and we are sure your guests will make positive comments about your beautiful grill.


Unpacking the Weber Genesis S310 gas grill

Standing grills of this size require some home construction. The Weber Genesis S-310 gas grill is no different, but a thorough instruction manual is enclosed by Weber inside your box.  If you need more help, you can get in touch with Weber using the phone or their online website. Their support team is available 24 hours a day, and we could not find another grill company that provided this round the clock support. Their website help area is well worth a look should you need advice throughout the life of your ownership of the Weber Genesis S310 gas grill. Satisfied Weber Genesis  S-310 grill owners have remarked they have constructed their grill within a couple of hours. The weight of the grill is approximately 170-180lbs, so it makes sense to construct your grill close to where you intend to keep it. This weight does have a great advantage, as it makes the grill feel sturdy, durable, and a pleasure to grill on.


Why buy the Genesis S-310 Gas Grill?

Weber’s top of the range grills are their Summit series of grills. The Weber Genesis grills are their middle range series, and thus tend to be the middle priced as well. If you are seeking a lower priced standing grill, you may want to have a look at the Weber Spirit series of grills. Its possible  that you may find cheaper grills on the marketplace, but we have a philosophy that you generally get what you pay for, and owners have left comments that their grills are 10years old and counting. Weber grills are built to last it would seem!


Is 30 Burgers is enough for you? Need to grill quickly for your guests? Then the Weber Genesis S-310 gas grill is what you need…

weber genesis s-310 gas grill 3 burnersThe total cooking area of the  Genesis S310 gas grill is 637 square in. This cooking surface (507 for cooking and another 130 for warming on a higher elevated rack) gives you a great deal of space and choice as you cook . 38 000 B.T.U pr hour is provided by 3 gas burners.  (If you were wondering, 1 BTU is approx equivalent to heat provided from one wooden match), so you know the cooking choices the 38 000 BTU can give you. Frequent cleaning of these burners, as for any gas burner grill, is needed to keep the grill in great working shape.  The cast iron grates, which are coated in an porcelain enamel, spread their heat evenly along themselves . A design consideration such as this provides a great amount of control while you cook your meat and veggies, and also provides those visual sear stripes over the food that is grilled. This will leave your guests purring over your grilling skills!


For even more variation, the burners can be adjusted with high precision using the gas controlling dials. These are housed on the front face of the grill (and not on the side), and thus provides quick and easy access to turn that heat up and down as needed.

weber genesis s310 gas grill control knob

And remember, for a more gentle, slower cooking experience, or indeed to keep cooked food lovely and warm, you have those 130 sq inches of warming rack which is elevated slightly higher than the main cooking grate. This rack feature will be useful for you throughout each grilling session.


weber genesis s310 gas grill cooking area

The grill grates of the Weber Genesis S310 are flanked to either side by two preparation areas. Those of you who want one of these preparation areas to include a side gas burner (i.e. for warming sauce etc) you should have a look at the next grill in the range, the  Weber Genesis E-320 gas grill. However, the E-320 gas grill does not come in a Stainless Steel finish , and so if you still require that Stainless Steel finish with a gas side burner, you will need to review the Weber Genesis S-330 Propane gas grill or the Weber Genesis S-330 Natural gas grill which both have the extra feature of a sear station too.

The Weber Genesis S-310 gas grills robust feel continues with its solid lid. The lid has a thermometer in its front face allowing you to constantly monitor how hot it gets inside your grill when you have your lid down. The thermometer is a standard feature of the Weber Genesis range.


Light your Weber Genesis S-310 grill with its great ignition system…

Who needs a match or lighter to get their grill started? Not you anymore! The Weber Genesis S-310 gas grill has the gas lit by an electronic ignition system, for each of the three burners. And, you have even more control of your gas through its fuel monitor. This is a gauge that is housed inside the cabinet beneath the grill, and therefore you will always know how much supply you have to avoid those embarrassing moments of running out of gas mid grilling session! The gauge is included as standard whether you decide on the natural gas or lp liquid propane edition of the Weber Genesis S310 grill.


weber genesis s310 gas grill cylinder cupboard

Keep the grill looking like new…….

We don’t like cleaning. Most of us don’t right? With an investment in such a good looking grill as this, to us it makes sense to get a cover for the grill. A  Weber 7553 Genesis Cover protects your lovely investment from the harshness of the weather, and keeps dust off the grill when its not in use. Your guests will compliment you on what a great looking grill you have, and little do they know your grill cover has done all the work!   The special thing about this grill cover is that it is specifically tailored for the Weber Genesis grill.

weber genesis e 310 gas grill 7553 cover

Want to roast as well ?

The Weber Genesis S-310 gas grill provides you with an option to roast too! To do this, you can purchase the Weber 7519  Grill Rotisserie Spit. The two forks (split) are turned powerfully by the attached motor. Whole meat such as chickens can be applied to the spit so you can get that amazing rotisserie finish to your food.



The concluding view of the the Weber Genesis S-310 Gas Grill Review…



weber genesis s-310 gas grill buyThe Genesis grill series are in the middle of Weber’s grill ranges/price points. Great design and quality come as standard.  A Weber Genesis s310 grill, with its 3 burners and a large cooking surface of 637 sq.inches is likely to be enough for your needs. Available in either natural or liquid propane gas, and a great Stainless Steel finish, backed up with 2 good looking food preparation shelves, a temperature thermometer in its lid, and a cabinet to house the fuel source, it’s likely you’ll agree  that the Weber Genesis S-310 gas grill is a wise grill selection.



Buying Weber Genesis S-310 gas grills on sale :

Model numbers, both current and earlier versions, plus Gas types are listed below to help you identify the latest prices on sale – Clicking on the model numbers shown in the table will fetch an up to date on sale price:

Propane Gas versions of the Weber Genesis S-310 grills:

Current Model Previous Model
6550001 Stainless Steel 3770001 Stainless Steel

Natural Gas versions of the Weber Genesis S-310 grills:

Current Model Previous Model
6650001 Stainless Steel 3870001 Stainless Steel